Narrative, API testing for a pragmatist


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Interesting talk on a very difficult subject, need to look into it.

Interesting talk by Ilija about a tool he and his team developed. I think this topic deserved more time.

I would have loved to hear a bit more about the app internals, and the way they imagine implementing the roadmap, especially the part about making Narrative more modular so it's possible to swap HTTP request handlers (e.g. use Guzzle instead of cURL).

Very interesting subject, though, and the approach seems very reasonable.

Good presentation of an interesting tool

Good presentation of an interesting tool

Interesting and very useful talk. Well done!

Very interested topic. Presentation was very good.

Very interesting idea to kill 2 birds with one stone: use your api tests to generate the docs. Hats off to Ilija, anything that can save me from writing documentation is a great tool...

Interesting approach on testing APIs. I'll think about this.