Spec BDD with PHPSpec


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A great overview of the possibilities of PHPSpec, really nice introduction for beginners. Good you mention it's not a replacement for PHPUnit.

Next time show besides the simple instructions also a more advanced configuration so people already familiar with BDD can compare its functionality with something they know.

Really great overview of the entire PHPSpec philosophy with live coding session.

I know a lot more about PHPSpec than I did a few days ago! :) Hearing a bit more on how PHPSpec compares with Behat and PHPUnit would be useful, though.

Nice overview of PHPSpec

Again interesting demonstration, which is probably the hardest thing to do in front of the live audience, since there is always a chance of "blue screen of death" popping up, when least expected.

Interesting overview, he told so much for a very short time.

I liked this presentation. He give us a lot of informations, and proper advices how and what for we can use this tool. Thanks Saša.

nice overview of PHPSpec, although I liked better Sasa's previous talk on BDD and Behat. The code examples for PHPSpec presentation were a bit too simplistic, so it was hard to really see what practical problems PHPSpec aims to solve, compared to PHPUnit (except for giving us a nicer looking syntax)