Story BDD with Behat


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overal good presentation, just a couple of remarks

protip: dark blue on a dark background is bad readable from within the audience
protip2: move your company branding to the back of your presentation, nicer for the audience
protip3: never expect the internet to work when presenting, prepare for this

See blog by Ross Tuck for Tips on Speaking:

Great coverage of BDD and Behat with a live coding session. Very enjoyable talk.

Very solid presentation, although I'd recommend setting up your text editor to be more appropriate for the presentation beforehand -- i.e. remove the sidebar, use a color scheme with a LOT more contrast, set up the font size etc.

In an introductory talk about BDD, especially when it comes from a company with significant prior experience, I'd also love to hear a bit more on approaching clients with the idea as well.

A very good introduction to BDD

I've read a little bit about Behat before, but thanks to the great demonstration, I'm looking at ways I can integrate it into my workflow. Possibly the most useful presentation for me, depending on if I manage to get little bit of Behat into my project

Sasa introduced me to Behat very well. After researching Behat and Codecption, a wasn't so delighted with Behat, but after Sasa' presentation I changed my mind. Great talk!

I liked this presentation, very informative. Live coding is the best part, also very brave.

Nicely balanced presentation, gives a useful overview of the technologies in a beginner friendly manner, but interesting even if you have experience with BDD and Behat

Good presentation though live coding can be challenging.