Testing open source projects with Travis CI


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Very well presented introduction to Travis CI. Liked it a lot

Anonymous at 13:15 on 22 Nov 2014

Detailed, comprehensive, nicely presented. Travis evangelism at work :)

I have been at your talk about a year ago. You updated it well and covered all the new aspects and beta features. Good balance of jokes, well paced.

Very nice presentation of Travis

Informative and interesting presentation.

Great intro talk - even if one does not plan on using TravisCI in particular, it gives a very nice overview on how a CI server works in general.

Nice introduction to Travis CI and various configuration settings.

Very detailed and comprehensive, yet conceivable Travis CI presentation.

Nicely done, learned new stuff about Travis, like fast_finish and caching composer vendor directories.

I've already used the know-how acquired during this presentation, to set up Travis. Presentation was enlightening for a "pure developer" with little interest in dev-ops

I like this presentation a lot, and I liked what I heard about Travis. I will try Travis ASAP, Ivan totally convinced me.

Very informative and detailed introduction in Travis. I liked how many hidden Travis features was shown at this presentation. Great one.

Very good overview of Travis service.