Your code are my tests!


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Great presentation. Great speaker.

I totally love the concept of the talk, it's a topic I'd love to hear a lot more about. I know a standard lecture might not be the best format for this, but I'd love to see a few more slightly more convoluted examples as well.

The best talk in the entire conference by far in my opinion. Michelangelo took a random legacy code app from Github and made a goal to unit test it. In his talk he explained some difficulties he had with that. An awesome presentation with some real advice. I only wish this presentation lasted longer because I am sure Michelangelo would have more stories to share.

Simple, clear and appealing presentation, just as it should be. Realistic testing example, applied on the real world github project was the most impressive part of this presentation.

Really enjoyed this talk yesterday.

Great talk, loved that Michelangelo asked the audience questions, great real life examples. Just as with Sebastian's talk, learned new things and confirmed that what I'm already doing is the correct way to approach testing legacy apps.

Very skillfully delivered talk. Loved interactions with the audience.

Great talk, great examples, and keeping the audience on their toes is an excellent idea

Good one, I think for majority of the audience most useful talk, as it shows how to start testing when you are elbow deep in code (legacy or otherwise) and have no tests. I just wish he defended reflection with a bit more conviction :)

I really enjoy (probably like everybody else). It was incredible useful and incredible fun at the same time. Great speaker!

The best talk at the conference. Real work example is what people want. He showed how to unit test the code when there is a smell in it. That is the real deal. Speaker had a great interaction with audience. Very very nice.

Anonymous at 11:29 on 27 Nov 2014

Definitely best talk of the day! I love to pragmatic approach and that's what I got. I will definitely love to listen Michelangelo again!