Deploying an application means different things to different people. It may be as simple as running `git pull` on a server, or as complex as building RPMs and deploying to a canary set of servers. This talk covers both ends of the spectrum and the points in between. We outline a tried and tested deployment methodology that everyone can use, whether it’s a simple WordPress site or a dozen micro-services. ---- Additional Notes (for organisers only) Application deployment is a complex and overcrowded area. You can use an FTP client or you can build custom RPMs for every service you use. The sweet spot is actually somewhere in between. This talk will cover code deployments as well as database and media migration, whilst touching on continuous integration as a way to reduce the risk of big bang deployments.


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Eric Cambray at 23:48 on 18 May 2017

Beginner? Ah ah, this talk go far behond that. Not a how to but a showcase of solution, from simple to more complex one (RPM? Really cool idea). Good presentation.

Awesome talk. Devs need to hear the deployment side of stuff, and this talk showed the easy ways to complex and everything in between. Slowly moving from a larger list of cons (with blue ones being the ones we will drop next for context) to a larger list of positives really helped with understanding how we're progressing as we moved along in complexity. I can't wait to try out fpm and take over the jobs of all the ops people in my company.

Ulrich at 18:58 on 21 May 2017

Too easy IMO need to add more exemple, use case and tools.

Paul Mallet at 11:54 on 26 May 2017

Good overview of all possibilities when it comes to deployments, each with its pros and cons.