It's obvious, that a good application must be fast. Fast execution saves clients' time, server resources and, as a result - company's budget. We will dive into PHP profiling world and will learn, how to profile your app using the Xdebug, XHprof and Blackfire. We will learn how to configure these tools, collect and analyze profiles, search and fix "bottlenecks" in code and evaluate optimization results. We will discuss popular mistakes that lead to lower performance and learn how to avoid them. Plus we'll discuss how to support the application performance during development even without profiler on Yii 2 example.


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I got up super early for this at a conference. I'm glad I did! The introduction to profiling was useful - the end goal being backfire is awesome but you can use xhprof which blackfire was forked from (before being rewritten) instead. Some of the common pitfalls to avoid (like profiling the profiler) were useful. I'm glad I went to this talk, it's given me a small set of things to keep in the back of my head as I look at rebuilding a legacy codebase and identifying bottlenecks.
I would've liked a longer, more intricate example of something that needed refactoring but this would require the speaker to spend a long while thinking of a non-arbritrary problem that we may encounter in, say - framework we all use. Good talk and looking forward to more on the subject.

lnc at 11:26 on 20 May 2017

I had a good time and I learned !


Useful and good to know.

Thank you Dmytro for this complete talk. Really interesting and well explained with solid examples.