For the last few years, PHP community has been buzzing about ES/CQRS, pretty much there was a talk on every conference. Now it's time to see how it worked out for me in practice. ES/CQRS is a different approach to building applications from what we all have been thought to do for years. I'm not going to introduce Event Sourcing and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (ES & CQRS) but speak about my experiences in developing & running it on production. I have implemented it on few projects: in some I run it as a part of bigger application, while in some it's just the core and one where everything is event driven. The shift in architecture and mindset is pretty big: while code structures and logic became simple, amount of code and workflows get complicated to the point of 'where did I loose this input?'. Not to go into too many details, I've had to learn lot of DDD practices that I feel have made me a better developer and use some of the knowledge gathered in this projects into 'everyday' code of projects that I work on.


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Great talk with dynamic slides and good experience on the background.

The talk jumped a lot between different things to think about when building an application (and why, which isn't always the best way) with ES + CQRS. Lots of text and fast moving, speaker confident and comfortable. I would've loved to have seen more diagrams explaining things in the future (some of us like pictures as visual learners).

lnc at 11:49 on 20 May 2017

Good talk from a motivated and passionate developer, thanks

Thanks Miro to share your experience in this well played talk !

Miro Svrtan (Speaker) at 07:47 on 3 Jun 2017

Thank you all for feedback, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the talk.

@James: I agree there is not enough images, diagrams, memes :), will try to fix that in next iterations.