Every PHP application needs its policy about tests. What is important to test, what is not, at which levels should a feature be tested. As we think of application architecture before writing a single line of code, we should think of a test architecture before implementing tests. From this talk you will learn: * how to transform business expectations to tests using ATDD and BDD approaches * how (and why) to incorporate all testing levels (acceptance, functional, integration, unit) * how to prioritize tests * how to write stable tests that won't be the stick in the wheel * how to deal with test data * how to decide, should it be unit or integration test * how to choose the type of a test


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Interesting talk :)
It's difficult for me to start tdd and i think your talk helped me for the question "what to test ?"

lnc at 11:59 on 19 May 2018

I found a lot of interesting things, thank you :)

Interesting talk, but the flow of speech was hard to follow