Modern web applications or apis often handle heavy load tasks, requiring intense disk i/o or complex database queries. This talks demonstrates how and - more importantly - why such operations should be processed asynchronously. Finally, we will cover some of the most common pitfalls and obstacles developers face when implementing asynchronous processing. The code example is implemented in a simple Symfony 2 app but translates easily into other frameworks.


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Good talk presenting learnings and best practices when using Resque and/or RabbitMQ with PHP. Also talked about the rocky path to choosing that particular solution.

From the talk description, however, the topic was not quite clear (to me); could also have been libs like Icicle or React PHP instead of message queues, right? ;)

Claudio at 01:08 on 22 Aug 2017

If you're looking for a talk about queues, this might be what you're looking for. It's not about ReactPHP or, but more a help to get processes asynchronously done.