Attendees will learn the ups and downs of configuring a voice skill using Amazon’s developer dashboard. This talk then demonstrates how to build an api that is used to power an Amazon Alexa Voice skill. We will try to stick to symfony core components (Forms, Dependency Injection, Validator …) wherever possible. Besides the coding part this talk will also cover tools that are helpful when developing and hosting an Alexa skill as well as discuss ways to test the skill with or without an actual Amazon Echo device (such as running Alexa in a browser or on a raspberry pi).


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Claudio at 02:24 on 22 Aug 2017

An introduction of a Symfony Bundle for using Alexa's API and teaching "her" new tricks. Even though it's build for Symfony, the shown insights can be used with other frameworks too. If you're using Alexa and like to extend its commands, this is a talk for you.