Maybe you built the first version of your product many years back on your own, and your endeavor is growing.

Maybe you've been with the company for a couple of years, and people trust you a lot.
Maybe nontechnical coworkers always approached you first because you've been able to explain things clearly to them.

Whatever happened:

Moving away from primarily dealing with code to dealing with people can be scary. But don't panic! You are already working on effectively communicating with your coworkers a lot through your code, in planning, and on many other occasions. Like all the other skills you have picked up along the way Leadership is something you can learn and iteratively improve.

This talk aims to walk you through most of the challenges I have faced or helped others work through when taking this journey in companies that work with web technologies.

We'll discuss topics including process management, team motivation, recruiting, growing people and how to actually get something useful out of these dreaded 'performance reviews' you might be asked to do.


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Good talk. Even though it is titled "You just became a team lead", it starts of with how to get there - seems like an odd mismatch. Also, really verbose slides, which is a matter of personal opinion, but at least makes it easier to read up on it later.

The insight was worth it and the personal touch made hearing it worthwhile :)

Marco Pivetta at 06:55 on 21 Aug 2017

Brilliant talk, but it should be presented with either no slides or less slide information: they were mostly a distraction from what the speaker was saying.

Claudio at 01:00 on 22 Aug 2017

Very helpful and true content about starting to become a team lead. The slides were a bit distracting because of too many text sometimes. This can be also useful for devs, who are not a "official" team lead, but are seen to lead teams anyway. :-)