An implicit goal of developing applications is to increase level of communication. A connectivity is becoming an integral part of IoT projects. What would you think if you have the connectivity wherever your IoT sensor is, your own independent cloud based network, extremely scalable and globally distributed. Nowadays SIM cards and endpoints can be easily managed in real-time via an intuitive user-interface or an easy-to-integrate API. The developing process, security issues and key features will be discussed together with lots of real working IoT use cases based on PHP.


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Really interesting to hear about some of the possibilities with IoT. Unfortunate that the display kept failing, but the speaker coped well. Delivery could do with more practice, possibly partly down to the language barrier? Some good thoughts to take away however.

David Yell at 13:03 on 16 Feb 2017

A great high level talk but I think it could have benefitted from more in depth integration examples.

Katy Ereira at 13:10 on 16 Feb 2017

Nice insight into how cheap and easy it is to create IoT devices, and how using the SIM card data can be transferred bi-directionally from almost anywhere in the world. Very interesting. However I don't think the 'to simplify your life' aspect was covered in enough detail; lots of large scale use cases but less in the way of personal use-cases.

Shame about the display problems but speaker coped well with it; not your fault, no need to apologise. :)

I couldn't correlate the presentation with Php at all. I saw that it had a php server serving api calls. But in the end was presented with a lot of services the company had.

Peter Smith at 12:32 on 23 Feb 2017

This talk was disappointing - it was actually a 40 minute advert for the speaker's company.