Is React.js a library or a framework? In any case, it is a new way of working that represents a revolution in the way of building web projects. It has very particular characteristics that allow us, for instance, to render React code from the server side, or to include React components from Twig tags.

During this talk we will present React.js, we will explore how to take advantage of it from PHP projects and we will give answers to practical problems such as universal (isomorphical) rendering and the generation of React.js forms from Symfony forms without duplication of efforts.


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Gary Fuller at 15:56 on 16 Feb 2017

I found the JSON Schema aspect of the talk particularly interesting. An engaging talk from start to finish.

Jenny Talbot at 08:20 on 17 Feb 2017

An interesting and confident presentation, though I struggled to keep up at times!

Gareth Ellis at 10:52 on 17 Feb 2017

Too much content for the time, and the speaker had to speak much too quickly as a result. The structure also felt a bit muddled and it was hard to pick out the key points amongst all the large code samples and diagrams.

Not the speaker's fault - but I was in the "overspill" room, where we could see the slides but not a video of the speaker. This combined with a rather heavy Spanish accent and some pretty technical content made it hard to work out exactly what was going on at points. However the subject matter was interesting and the guy clearly knew his stuff!