Don't worry, this is not about the goto keyword.

In this presentation, I am showing you some of the inner workings of PHP. We
are going to look at how different language keywords and constructs are handled
internally. Basically, everything is converted to goto, but the how and why, is
not as simple as it seems!

This is a very in depth talk, mostly interesting to people that want to know
how PHP works internally. Expect lots of wonkyness, a form of assembly, and


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Matt Prelude at 13:05 on 16 Feb 2017

The content of this talk was very good, and Derick's knowledge is top notch, but it felt like it lacked structure toward the start, and was difficult to get into.

Slides changed very quickly despite containing a lot of information, which made it tough to take notes.

Nick Barham at 14:39 on 16 Feb 2017

Very good information at a reasonablely good pace - it's always hard to balance detail with making the content more approachable. May need to make the warning regarding being a highly technical talk more prominent though.

Davo Smith at 20:00 on 17 Feb 2017

Interesting insight into the internals of what happens between saving your PHP script and seeing the rendered output in our browser.

Andy W at 20:33 on 19 Feb 2017

Another highlight talk from PHP UK, really engaging and thought provoking on how your code is actually being translated. Would have been good to have a little on performance (although would have needed more time). Definitely felt like this could have benefited from being in one of the larger rooms as a very busy over-spill missed out on the benefit of having the speaker present. Still, a great presentation on an oft overlooked topic.