Tokens are widely used to identify resources and try to add some security to insecure environments, but sometimes the management of those identifiers can get a bit complex - even more on distributed systems. What if we could have an intelligent token, one that simplifies the way things works without losing integrity or security?
In this talk we present Json Web Tokens as an alternative for smart and self contained tokens, explaining how to use each claim and giving some common use cases.


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Very interesting talk, and well presented!

Have never heard of Json Web Tokens before, definitely going to take a look.

David Yell at 11:13 on 17 Feb 2017

An interesting and informative talk. Great to understand that JWT can be used for lots of things.

Brad Bird at 11:28 on 17 Feb 2017

I use JWT every day but still learnt some new stuff! Thanks for the awesome talk!

Great talk, really enjoyed it!

After using JWT in a couple of applications, and understanding the functionality, finally clicked on a few of the core concepts.

A really hands-on introduction, would've have loved to hear this one before the introduction of JOSE. Not too long, a great Q&A session, which really added more value to the talk itself.

Very well presented and a very expressive speaker which allowed for the topic to be better understood. Thank you very much

An accessible and understandable overview about Json Web Tokens and their use. Putting this ahead of the alphabet-soup presentation yesterday would have been a great move.

Katy Ereira at 15:49 on 17 Feb 2017

Very well presented talk with a lot of useful information; I'd vaguely come across JWT before but had never really looked into it. Now I will definitely think of it for token based auth.

Really good talk. Awesome effort on making it look really simple by adding and explaining each part of JWT at a time. :)
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas on how to use JWT.

Chris Sherry at 18:44 on 18 Feb 2017

This talk really helped demystify the world of JWT - the talk went into a lot of detail and was perfectly timed in that I need to start using JWT with a project at work.

As an improvement, I think some of the acronyms could have been explained on the slides.