You've heard of Zend's new framework, Expressive, and you've heard it's the new hotness. In this talk, I will introduce the concepts of Expressive, how to bootstrap a simple application with the framework using best practices, and finally how to integrate a third party tool like Doctrine ORM.


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Gary Fuller at 13:01 on 17 Feb 2017

Difficult to comment on the technical aspects of the talk, as I've not really used Expressive/Middleware, but it was an interesting talk with a useful run through of code examples.

Luis Cobucci at 20:51 on 27 Mar 2017

James manage to do a very nice introduction to Zend Expressive's components and how to plug Doctrine ORM in that context.

Some suggestions:

- The code samples were quite comprehensible, however I think the amount of code can be reduced to have a better balance (e.g. the behaviour of the MiddlewarePipeline could be explained using some graphs to help the understanding - and maybe the examples of middlewares can be dropped - slides 19 to 22)
- The storyline of the talk is well connected but some parts could be reviewed (the Expressive installer can be showed before of taking about the sample application)
- Although is nice to compare expressive v1 and v2 middlewares I've found a bit confusing, I'd keep just the v2 to be consistent with the other examples (or compare them after finishing the ORM related middleware)