You’ve got your application dockerised for development. That process is working smoothly, and you’re gaining a lot of the benefits that docker gives you - environments are trivial to setup, independent of platform, and they are consistent for everyone on your team.

How do you go about taking the next step so that your application is deployed into a scalable and reliable production setup?

How do you create deployment artefacts which are built with consistency and transparency? How do you manage environment variables between staging and production environments? How do you perform actions / schedule processes in one environment and not another?

In this talk we will discuss what you need to do to get your dockerised application ready for deployment into a production environment.


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Interesting talk about how docker can be used in Production with a few live demos. The only distracting thing and constructive criticism I can offer is that the speaker seemed to be nervous and constantly looking at the slides and turning his back on the audience.
More expressiveness with the hands and less looking at the screen (even when it was just an image and not something to be read) will make an already interesting talk even better.

Gareth Ellis at 12:35 on 17 Feb 2017

An interesting talk with plenty of practical tips. For my tastes, the content leaned too far towards "here are all the options" rather than"here is what we have tried and these are the advantages & trade-offs".

The speaker spent far too much time with his back to the audience and looking at the screen behind him; this was distracting and made the delivery less engaging. I know I struggled with this in my first uncon talk and it just takes practice and a build up of confidence. The delivery also needs a bit of polish to reduce the number of "ums" and "erms".


Deploying static images... lightbulb moment!

A great insight into how someone else has achieved dockerising production applications with AWS. Certainly a few thing to go back and revisit with our approach.

A well-presented set of slides which covered considerable ground with care.
It would be great to have the slides uploaded somewhere as they would be a very useful reference right now!

Luis Lopes at 15:51 on 24 Feb 2017

One of the best speeches of the day. I would love to have the slides for references too.

The speaker was nervous but i was engaged in the amazing positive thinking and attitude can-do.

Thank you!