You've written an application and now the worst thing that can happen to you has come about - People are using it! You now have load spikes to deal with. You can scale up to deal with the excess traffic, but what do you do when your load is variable? How do you do that, and stay on budget?

This session is a case study on getting an App Engine app to scale to serve 30,000,000 requests an hour. It will take you through the architecture, the code changes and the technology trade offs to get to that level of traffic. And how to make sure your app scales down so running infrastructure to deal with potential traffic doesn't drown you.


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Totally not what I was expecting! Some really good demos - always brave to do live demos, but they were effective and worked well! Some great insights and things to take back to my apps.

P Anand at 17:03 on 16 Feb 2017

Very informative and excellent example

Mark Kathmann at 10:09 on 17 Feb 2017

Informative, funny and real. Some good info and a nice insight into platform performance.

Jeff Lambert at 14:50 on 17 Feb 2017

Really cool talk with interesting concepts!

Chris Sherry at 09:44 on 18 Feb 2017

Brave of Terrance to do live demos with so many requests! I really enjoyed this talk and towards the end there were some really good takeaways from his experience of working at this sort of scale.

I should be able to improve my use of firebase as a result.