PHP is sitting at an all time high for usage, with it running over 80% of the world’s websites. But how healthy is the PHP Community? In this talk we will examine the good and the bad of the PHP community and talk through some of the pain points that we may have experienced. But we’ll leave understanding the power of the community when it works together and understand why (and how) you should be helping to grow the community circle larger.


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Too often we see and hear the negative side of the community. Eli gave a much needed message of hope in a very well delivered keynote.

More often than not we hear too many people speaking bad about PHP and how it is useless etc. Finally someone defending it and showing that while we had some hard times we are now in a better situation and getting better both as a community and language itself.

Gary Fuller at 11:09 on 16 Feb 2017

As a relative newbie and coding novice, it's great to see the positivity that key community members are seeking to engender. As a result of Eli's excellent talk, I've grabbed an invite to the Slack channel, and feel very positive about the future..

David Yell at 13:02 on 16 Feb 2017

A great talk which really encapsulated that being part of the php community is to be part of something bigger than your framework or toolset. Delivered superbly and paced well.

Katy Ereira at 13:07 on 16 Feb 2017

Nice uplifting talk to start the day. Felt quite proud of us. :)

Chris Sherry at 13:29 on 16 Feb 2017

Definitely worth hearing and a positive way to start the conference. It was good to hear some information on internals and the fig.

Eli was really positive about building bridges and being a part of the community - beyond joining a user group, I feel he could have given more some advice on ways we could go about achieving this task.

I'll keep an eye out for more talks from Eli because he has a great speaking style.

Radek at 14:26 on 16 Feb 2017

A warming talk

Josh Freeman at 19:37 on 16 Feb 2017

Really good talk and very clear!

Colin O'Dell at 20:23 on 16 Feb 2017

Great presentation!

Magnus Backhurst at 22:16 on 16 Feb 2017

Great start of the event, good and clear talk by a good speaker.

Mattias Wirf at 22:24 on 16 Feb 2017

Great start :) Interesting to get an overview of the community.

Jenny Talbot at 08:16 on 17 Feb 2017

As a newcomer to PHP it was interesting to hear about how the community has developed

Mark Kathmann at 10:07 on 17 Feb 2017

A good message on the much needed upswing in the PHP community. Very hopeful.
Eli has a nice speaking style, sense of humour en confidence in his message.

Excellent topic, excellent presentation

I've never really properly considered the PHP community, a great eye opener

Davo Smith at 19:56 on 17 Feb 2017

Great to learn about the PHP Community - it is a language I have used for many years (as part of the Moodle community), but this is my first time at a PHP event.

Andy W at 20:26 on 19 Feb 2017

Enjoyed this positive look to the future, a great opener to the event, which has certainly encouraged me to try to get more involved.

Deji Kadri at 12:22 on 20 Feb 2017

Being My first PHP conference. It was encouraging to hear Eli give a message of hope to the community.

A bit fuzzy/feelgood for my tastes, but Eli is a clear and witty communicator and the message is basically a good one - it's the people that matter, not the latest framework or TLA. So let's think about people more.