Chris has a love-hate relationship with WordPress, but whether you like it or not, it powers 26% of the Internet. Many of these projects have outgrown their humble beginnings as blogs or websites and are now highly customised web applications. However the modern tools we use as PHP developers can be tricky to utilise with the popular blogging platform.

This technical talk will guide you through how to make the use of Git, Composer, and other tools familiar to PHP developers within your WordPress install - and help you take back control of your themes, plug-ins, database and environments in a growing application.


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Gary Fuller at 11:05 on 16 Feb 2017

Some really interesting ideas about using WordPress with modern framework components and version control systems. Looking forward to making use of the slides to build a test instance.

Mark Kathmann at 10:08 on 17 Feb 2017

An interesting workflow, presented very well by Chris Sherry. Definitely going to be playing around with this one!

Really interesting topic, could've dived deeper into already existing tools and implementation, rather than sticking to analysis and comparison to other languages though

Enjoyed this. The basic takeaway seemed to be "if you approach development the right way, you can make anything work for you, even Wordpress". A good primer in how to put proper dev tools and techniques front and centre, no matter what you're working on, then.