DevOps teams are in constant search for magical solutions to their technology woes, but not properly vetting solutions can cause unintended effects. These choices lead to bad design decisions & compound technical debt. In this talk, Angel will share advice to avoid the Shiny Object syndrome.


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Florin at 16:43 on 21 Feb 2020

Really nice and entertaining talk!

Tom Cameron at 17:23 on 21 Feb 2020

This talk felt confused to me - it started off with the shiny object syndrome bit, then morphed into what felt like another talk about interpersonal relationships. Both were good, it just felt a bit mixed up! Very good presenter however, with good energy for the final session.

I usually find keynotes a bit lacking in useful info, but this one had some nuggets of good advice to take away, and Angel is a good speaker.

This talk initially felt confusing. I didn't know what I got out of it until after the session, but once it clicked it was brilliant. I don't really think you shared advice on how to avoid the Shiny Object syndrome for me. I think you shared advice on how to work better as an individual in a team - And that was also very valuable. I'd love to see this talk turn more into a "working together" talk, incorporating the shiny object syndrome, than other way around.

While Angel is an excellent speaker, and relatable, I struggled to take too much of a message from this keynote. It's great to be pragmatic, but I feel like some examples where a more "boring" approach did just fine would have been welcome.

frank at 23:45 on 26 Feb 2020

I liked the talk, was quite interesting