Over the last couple of years, I have heard of Event sourcing but didn’t really know where to start until I did a tutorial at DPC ‘17. After having some basic information it was time to start a Hackathon and after that something production worthy. In this talk I will try to give the best information to get started and to know some of the problems you can face if you begin event-sourcing, and we'll build a working application and use Docker and React to tie everything together with events commands and projections.


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Chris Hogben at 19:25 on 19 Feb 2020

This was a really fun and engaging workshop, which provided great insight into Event Sourcing and where and when it could be used (or not!). The hands-on tasks were in-depth, and gave life to the concepts being discussed. One piece of advice I would give for future delivery is to cover some of the key concepts in a little more detail slightly earlier in the workshop, eg Projections, and what they do in relation to the events being stored. Overall great presentational style, and provided me with some ideas for future development projects. Thanks! :)