APIs are a trivial part of development. But there are number of challenges that come along right from data fetching to iterating over endpoints. Worry not GraphQL is here to the rescue. Come dive into the world of GraphQL and learn to develop efficient and easy to understand APIs!


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John Kleiser at 14:19 on 20 Feb 2020

Great, thanks.

Tom Cameron at 14:23 on 20 Feb 2020

Confidently presented - it has potential, but I think this talk needs a little more work. The introduction to GraphQL was perhaps a bit repetitive and took most of the time, which meant we didn’t see much PHP-specific content. The code samples weren’t readable on the presentation either due to the formatting, which was a shame.

Florin at 15:59 on 20 Feb 2020

A little bit too basic for a talk that was targeted at everybody.

Reasonable talk. Good introduction to GraphQL in the time available.

I had high hopes for the presentation so maybe that's why I didn't feel it gave much to me. Maybe to understand better how to use resolvers or how to structure the code using GraphQL. Most of the talk was mentioning 3rd party documentation or tools and as someone already said it was kind of repetitive.
Maybe for next time focus more on the concepts and pros of GraphQL and less on libraries so people will want to use it more.
Good luck!