This tutorial is a hands-on demonstration of building and deploying a highly available, fault tolerant web application. We will demonstrate how to deploy a PHP application in two ways, running in Google Kubernetes Engine while connecting to a MySQL instance on Cloud SQL, and secondly using Serverless tools like Cloud Run and connecting to the same database instance. You will come out of this tutorial knowing the bridge to unite your stateless code to your stateful database.


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Marc O'Leary at 21:10 on 21 Feb 2020

This tutorial definitely had potential but, as Gabi rightly concluded, she needed much more time to deliver it. It didn't feel "rushed", per se, but if something didn't work for you — the Google console container not provisioning, database not connecting, etc — then you were essentially left behind to watch the rest of the tutorial unfold on the screen. It was still pretty interesting, though, and I would recommend it more if the duration was longer.