In case the talk title was too subtle, this session deals with ways to improve your security. Today authentication is evolving to keep up with enterprise and user needs. Hardening the authentication can also at times become a hassle for end user. Come find out how can we better secure our applications with multi-factor Authentication, while giving the users the comfort of Single Sign On. Learn about Identity Providers & how Federated Authentication works and dig deeper into the buzz words of the authentication world - OAuth and OIDC.


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Matt Dawkins at 12:32 on 20 Feb 2020

Pretty sure the description above isn't right... maybe that'll be changed at some point.

As for the talk itself, while the theory was fascinating it would have been useful to have had some practical examples in PHP. I'd like to think most internet-savvy people already know what 2FA is, but we PHP developers would benefit from knowing how to implement it in the applications we're developing.

Ionut Armeanu at 19:21 on 20 Feb 2020

Current description is not right ( it relates to the RTFM presentation at the end of the day ).

This talk was a brief summary of authentication/authorization related topics. The talk lacked substance in my opinion, and it was poorly delivered...