The role of our API in Switzerland is to consume a lot of data that was not meant for a digital age and to transform it into beautiful output, for one of the biggest retailers in Switzerland. This is a journey of consuming a lot of data and APIs from different sources and in different formats. Some of them made us laugh, some of us got migraines. We built a smooth architecture to consume and output data. I am proud of our architecture that we seamlessly upgraded to keep the latest versions, now Symfony 4 along the way. I want to share with you how we managed to keep this API up to date for over 5 years and the architecture that we use to make it happen.


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Tom Cameron at 11:30 on 20 Feb 2020

Good talk and enjoyed the humour. I felt like this talk could possibly have been improved by focusing on some specific areas more - going from focusing on code through to agile retrospectives felt a little jarring.

Great talk. Working with similar data I can identify with the issues faced. The talk highlighted a few resources to research, I would have loved a bit more technical detail on some of the solutions.

Could be more focused on explaining the issues they were facing and the decision making process that they used to choose a solution.

Very well explained and entertaining/engaging set of tech decisions inside a project and company context

Maybe sightly too many subjects for one talk? I didn't take away an overall message

Still great though :-)

Michelle speaks clearly and there was some good content in the talk, but too much time was spent on introducing herself, her company, her team.

More time explaining the architecture and demonstrating the components used and why they were chosen (problems, solutions, tips) would make this a much better talk.

Jelica at 09:59 on 26 Feb 2020

Awesome talk.

frank at 23:43 on 26 Feb 2020

one of my favourite talks of the conference, very interesting and thorough. Well done.