More and more sites fall victim to data theft, so you probably know what to do to write secure code. But what else should you do to make sure your web stack is secure ? We’ll go through techniques to secure your environment and look at a bunch of tips and tricks to keep your customer data secure.


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Quite interesting. Mostly useful for people who are not using a proper framework

Very important points were highlighted and very well explained

Sima Zargar at 13:35 on 25 Feb 2020

really enjoyed and learned from this talk!

Richard Foster at 11:09 on 4 Mar 2020

An excellent talk/tutorial. Wim swiftly covered a large range of potential security issues and fixes from Apache, server, network, Javascript, database and your app code. Most people will have heard of an aspect they had not thought of. Wim demonstrated how brute force automated hacking is rife and talked about how hacks are executed, detected and problems afterwards.