Slow query? Add an index or two! But things are suddenly even slower! Indexes are great tools to speed data lookup but have overhead issues. Histograms don’t have that overhead but may not be suited. And how you lock rows also effects performance. So what do you do to speed up queries smartly?

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John Kleiser at 13:47 on 20 Feb 2020

Great, thanks.

David Carr at 13:19 on 21 Feb 2020

really great tutorial, a detailed overview of MySQL and great references for further research.

Chris Hogben at 17:34 on 21 Feb 2020

Lots of useful information about the new performance features in MySQL and how they work and operate in the background. Would have maybe like to have seen one or two hands-on, or live examples as it was a tutorial session, but otherwise a great session and fantastic presentation style. Thanks! :)