There is a stereotype of programmers as being antisocial and difficult, and unfortunately many of us take on this attitude as if it comes with the job – but it doesn’t have to be this way! I know it from experience, because I’ve been an angry, judgmental know-it-all, and I’m ready to tell you how I completely changed my attitude and refactored my life.


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Benjamin at 16:50 on 20 Feb 2020

Excellent talk on a very sensitive but important topic. Extremely engaging, drawing the audience in and flowing from one point to next.

As a keynote this talk was fine. but do we really need "inspiring" talks emploring us to be more empathetic bookending each day of every conference?

Jessica is a very polished presenter, and it's great that she wrote an app to help someone who could only blink communicate. But I'd rather learn something useful to me in talks at a conference.

Matt Dawkins at 17:30 on 20 Feb 2020

Wow. This was superb. It certainly is important for us to remember to be people as well as developers. Excellently delivered, well done.

Very inspiring content, this makes a great keynote.

Thank you for taking the time (and the courage) to talk about all of this.

John Kleiser at 19:32 on 20 Feb 2020

Thank you for the talk.

Florin at 21:50 on 20 Feb 2020

The talk was interesting but I am not sure that it's such a good fit for the conference.

Very inspirational

Tom Cameron at 08:04 on 21 Feb 2020

Good keynote, well presented.

Marc O'Leary at 21:56 on 21 Feb 2020

It was interesting to hear about Jessica's "eureka" moment, and how it changed her outlook on life, but the only takeaway from the keynote was "don't be a dickhead". And if I'm already not a dickhead then I didn't really gain anything. Hopefully, the others less fortunate than myself made plenty of notes.

Ionut Armeanu at 10:39 on 22 Feb 2020

If we would have been at a motivational speaker event, this would have been a 5 stars rating!
We were at a PHP conference however... And it's still a 5 stars rating!

Ionut Armeanu at 10:54 on 22 Feb 2020

"And if I'm already not a dickhead then I didn't really gain anything."

I don't know about others, but It's clear to me that the second part of the phrase is 100% true, and the first part is not!

This talk is engaging and excellent. It gives hope for us that have to deal with difficult people sometimes, and for the people out there who don't always behave that well, it might teach you a thing or two. I love that it comes from a perspective of change, you haven't always been this way and you have grown - And others can too.

I really enjoyed this keynote; inclusion and empathy are topics close to my heart, and I hope the attendees walked away with a lot to think about.