Database optimisation


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Talk had a lot of content I wouldn't have considered as part of the talk. Felt disengaged from the speaker and the talk subject. The main thing I picked up was "memcached go for it".

Very useful step through of development and scaling

Some very interesting points, but felt it was too much info to cover in short space of time. Would like to have seen more examples and time on them

Started slow and SEO-y, then demonstrably got stronger and more relevant.

Some really useful points.
Scaling to 30+ servers? I wonder. How many of those where just VM's?
Still, pretty impressive.
Enjoyed the talk. Nicely balanced :)

Enjoyed this talk very much, a great story type talk about how the company went from a horrible db to something smooth and quick

Talker spent too long talking about their company.

Talker didn't seem to full understanding what they had done technically a lot of the time. Mainly spoke about how big and great their servers where.

There was some useful information to take but not enough as the useful pieces where skipped over.