PHPillow & CouchDB & PHP


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Kore did a great job explaining couchdb. His knowledge of the subject is impressive.

Nice, as a beginner in the area it definitely covered allege bases I was after. Could have done with more time! Good work.

Was really interested in that talk although I still struggle to understand all that stuff (possibly spent too much time with RDBMS to pick it up quickly). Will definitely look into CouchDB in the future.

It was interesting to see bits, but none of the areas of interest to me were covered - why couchdb vs mongodb or any other option; when to use it; more on applications would have been excellent.

CouchDB is interesting but a shame we didn't cover the phpillow stuff. With it being phpuk and all ;). Would have made it a more complete talk.

Interesting talk showing the basics of CouchDb. It was a little rushed towards the end though.

Good talk on CouchDB. Next time maybe choose the whole topic and not let the audience get a say. Seemed a bit rushed an incomplete towards the end. Covered the basics of CouchDB well.

I was very impressed with this - I hope to find lots of things to do with couchdb, and will investigate PHPillow more.

But I would suggest taking the decision out of the hands of the audience next time around, and covering PHPillow in a bit more detail, particularly at a PHP Conference.

Good talk, but didn't engage me as much as I would like. The slides were all a bit bland. Maybe I was just falling asleep after being up since 4am. I'll look at the slides again and try to work it out.

I thought the talk was quite slow and then rushed at the end. I would have liked to have seen PHPillow. Maybe he could have talked about CouchDB along side PHPillow, rather than just CouchDB

Very practical, not my kind of talk but still good.

Great talk, felt rushed.

Would like have learnt more on the subject matter with actual examples of how to achieve things. Maybe more interactive.