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Sorry but the use of flip chart was very I'll advised

good coverage, like the versatility of the style of talk.

I disagree. Really enjoyed the flipchart, my only gripe was that the camera could have been in a bit closer. Maybe an old-school overhead projector next time. Content was good too, room was involved and there were a bunch of valuable tips in there.

Excellent stuff. Learned a lot about advanced pattern matching. Loved the candy by the way!

Interesting overview of some of the arcane art of regex. Couldn't see screen or flipchart very well though

Good talk. Will look into examples on the web later as regex is not something I can do in my head!

Interesting talk with very good examples.
The flipchart was nice and good used, because you interact on the needs of the audience.

Great and knowledgable presentation ruined by poor flip chart. Should have been on the other side of the room so that she didn't block the camera. Almost impossible to read handwriting. However as taken as explanation at high level of PRCE it's fine.

Well worth going to - flipchart made for good variety - should have been on the other side of the room though as others said.

Some great tips.

This was the talk that covered the most stuff that I didn't know or had never heard of.

Now to find applications for it.

Great talk. Learned several nice pointers, and will definitely be using the recommened websites in future. Good stuff.

Poor explanation of regex, was hoping for more fu. Wanted to learn more of the complex parts of regex.

Seemed poorly prepared with no real examples.

Tried to involve the audience with chocolate throwing. Which was funny but felt like being back at school.

The flip chart made reading and learning difficult.