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Good reminder on the fact we SHOULD document our projects. Also good to see that non-conventional ways (commit messages, issue tracker, ...) of documenting have an impact as well.

Good points on commit messages, unit tests and FAQs, though nothing new to take away, good for the basics.

Interesting overview of all means of documenting a project. Sometimes a bit hesitant when presenting, but that's normal for a new talk. Well done, Stefan!

Good presentation on the general jist of documenting a project from start to finish.

On a side note: Although grey fonts on a projector aren't that easy to read.

Nice and clear presentation about docblock, commit messages and FAQ's with a lot of very handy tips for our new projects.

Looking forward to see other presentations of you Stefan !

Important and essential stuff which I wish I hasn'tisswd the beginning of..more please

A very complete presentation offering good tips thy we can all benefit from!

Really surprised how good this talk was. Laid into some PHP code bases in a way that was long overdue.

Would have liked more detail on the technical docs. The functional part at the begining seemed more aimed at one man bands rather than developers.

It didn't teach me anything I didn't know already, which is scary because even though I know about lots of best practices I rarely apply them so shame on me!

Although I use most of the things he talked about already, was still interesting to know that another developer does that same!

In agreement with catchamonkey:
A very complete presentation offering good tips thy we can all benefit from!

I found it a bit basic to be honest, nothing new.