99 Problems, But The Search Ain't One


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This was possibly the best talk of the day for me. Thanks for the insightful presentation, shame time constraints meant Q&A was cut short. One concept not covered during the talk was performing GROUP BY's in Elastic search, is this done via facets?

Really good introduction to Elastic Search, Andrei clearly knows the project inside out and had a good mix of the basics and hints about what it can do, which is enough to answer the question I had. The demos were excellent as well, I particularly enjoyed the EC2 autodiscovery example

One of the best talks of the day with good examples. Only thing I would improve is the copy&paste; of commands that I found a bit confused to the screen colors I guess. Great talk!

I thoroughly enjoyed both the presentation and learning about ElasticSearch. I'll definitely check it out in my next project.

Really enjoyable talk. Good balance between the theory, technical and sample application.

A very good talk. The examples were well prepared which meant a good pace was maintained. The content was interesting and well explained.