Advanced OO Patterns


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Good and informative talk about patterns, what they are and what they aren't.

A very informative talk with a good use of examples and feedback to audience participation; especially considering it was his first time in front of an English-speaking audience.

My favourite session of the day. Clearly and professionally presented, and the use of code in slides was well done and demonstrated the concepts very well. As an OO PHP dev there were some patterns I knew and am already using and others that I hadn't encountered, so it has left me with a good overview of those and a starting point to read more.

Well executed. Good speaker.
Felt that it wasn't advanced enough for an "Advanced OO Patterns" talk.
Some great usage examples.

Very informative as it concentrated on other than the "usual suspects". Particularly liked the dependency injection part.

I liked this talk, Tobias was a good speaker and the information was helpful, I especially liked the line highlighting in the code example as this helped to follow the code, which can otherwise be a bit hard to do. I also think that the choice to gloss over some implementation details, it seemed some in audience found this frustrating but personally I liked t - it get's too boring if you go into too much detail.

Very energetic and well delivered talk.

Well put together, but I didn't think it reached far enough to the 'advanced' level the title suggested.

Some excellent examples of patterns presented, as well as lots of code samples and some good questions back and forth from the audience. Very glad that I attended this talk.

I really liked this talk. Nice slides and well presented. Personally I was hoping for a 2011 update on the subject of good OO design, but having someone up on stage reenforcing good software design can only be a good thing.

This was very well presented. Fast paced, on topic and the presenter was personable.

Interested to see some comments suggesting it wasn't really advanced. I clearly have a lot to learn.

Great talk to finish up a great conference. Really enjoyed it as there can never be enough education on software development best practices in the php community. As some above suggested it wasn't quite too advanced (so perhaps choose a better title next time;), but still 5 thumbs from me as both parts on DI and data storage patterns were well put together and well delivered. Will look forward to see some more advanced talks in the future!
PS: Thanks for uploading your slides :)

For me, this was the best talk of the conference - clearly communicated advice on how to solve complex software problems, with detailed, but easily understood examples in PHP. Toby pitched the talk at just the right level and spoke clearly, and confidently. He answered questions very well and came across as a great teacher.

I was really impressed by the quality of this talk, and look forward to hearing Tobias speak more in the future. Great job - and very good scheduling having this was the last talk.

Anonymous at 10:43 on 28 Feb 2011

Nice and clear talk about exactly what the blurb said it would be. Good examples.

Well presented, good easy to follow slides and examples.
It's a massive topic with so much to try and squeeze into an hour, Tobias did a really good job.

Good clear presentation delivered by a entertaining presenter. Highly recommend.

Very glad I stayed for this talk, the final one of the day.

Enjoyed this presentation - well thought out and well delivered

Great talk, good content and a good reminder on that Design Patterns are not the holy grail.