Agility and Quality


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Good overview and mentioned many useful tools

Good overview.
Nice list of tools to use.

I find Sebastians deadpan, european style quite amusing, it adds an air of mystery to his talks and he catches me unaware with some of his jokes, which leave me smiling.

This talk left me a little disappointed though, it started well; drawing similarities between WoW and development teams, which was a good idea, but then dove headlong into PHPUnit. We know Sebastian is responsible for the best PHP Unit Testing framework out there at the moment, I can find talks and literature on PHPUnit on the net, while it's nice to have the author talk about it, there was nothing that really stood out. I expected more around the agility side of things and less around PHPUnit. While there were some good points on quality and continuous integration etc, on the whole there just wasn't enough content relevant to the topic. It felt like: IntroductionPHPUNITPHPUNITPHPUNITPHPUNITPHPUNITPHPUNITContinuousIntegrationDarkLaunchesQandA.

The slides were OK, I like lots of images in presentations as I'm more interested in what the speaker is saying than reading the slides, some of the images were irrelevant to the talk though. That said, I had no idea what the text on the slides said from the back of the hall!

Sebastian is very knowledgable and well read, I'd like to see a longer QA as the off-the-cuff stuff from him is always very good, clear and concise.

Overall, the talk was average, with some good points but, fundamentally, it was a talk about PHPUnit and it's friends.

Agree with Mike here.

The first half described WoW :), Scrum, XP and using TDD (PHPUnit) - excluding the former, these are not new topics to the PHP community (or certainly those attending the conference). Felt like this talk could have been combined with the Continuous Improvement talk (which was slow to start) to make for a more complete hour.

Knowledgable speaker and your experience from the trenches (CI systems, pair programming and tools to avoid), static analysis tools, latent code patterns and internal quality was interesting.

The message I took away from this and other talks was "Run a CI server even if you don't have unit tests".

I liked the talk. I have always found Sebastian worth listening to. PHPUnit is part of the drive to better quality thus should come into the talk, but I felt there was a bit too much focus on it. Its a tool I use daily (thanks Sebastian) so for me personally I was hoping to hear more about other areas of Agility and Quality that I know less about. For me overall it was certainly worth going to the talk and thanks for giving it.

I really enjoyed this talk. I liked the WoW analogy as it engaged people and added some humour. A lot of the tools mentioned we are already using and having good results with. We use Scrum and have been adding XP to the process with these tools and it fitted in well with our interests. I'm glad that PHPUnit was mentioned as the deeper and more this has been used by us the better the quality results we have had in projects. Great presentation!

Started well, some good tips on Jenkins and Git, too much on PHPUnit which at the end didn't leave time for the real stuff I was waiting for. I sincerely thanks Sebastian for the useful information but I would suggest to skip PHPUnit when re-playing this talk.

I liked the talk because Sebastian showed a very good overview of all the tools and processes you need to be agile and you have to do for high quality software. But 60 minutes are way too short for this big topic.

I thought Sebastian delivered a really good talk - it had more humour than previous times I've seen Sebastian speak, and came across much more passionate about the topic too.

The content was a really good roundup of agile practices and how to implement them successfully to improve the quality of your software project. He covered the tools available to do this well (many of which Sebastian himself created), and critically too - voicing his opinions on what was available with confidence. I felt that Seb has tried these tools out and mentioned which were the best, so that I don't have to.

Overall - I enjoyed this talk a great deal. My only criticism would be that it felt like Sebastian was rushed through some of the content but I know how tight conference timings have to be.

Great talk and I took away some very useful information. I loved the WoW references myself :)

I may be somewhat biased, being a big fan of RPGs and World of Warcraft, but Sebastian's use of these analogies really amused me and helped to grab my attention and interest very early on.

Once getting past these analogies, the meat of the talk was very on-topic and sensible. There were a great number of tools mentioned for us to look into, and some excellent agile concepts that helped to clarify whether we were doing things right or not.

Thanks for a great talk.

I thought that Sebastian's talk was well presented and the interesting slide's and analogies caught my attention early on.

However, for me I feel that the talk was more of an overview of the technologies that you could use to implement a testing and quality environment; and a few reasons why you should.

I would have liked to have seen more information on the different approches to quality and testing within established teams, and how quality and testing is used throughout the length of a project. This could have been combined with the mistakes and lessons learn along the way.

Maybe some data on how the improvements affected teams, and how you could go about introducing testing and quality into various team structures on working/current projects.

I was a little disappointed by this talk. I have great respect for Sebastian and was very much looking forward to learning from such a knowledgeable professional.

The delivery was clear and well paced. I would have preferred less time devoted to the analogies and more time spent exploring dark launches, feature flags and gradual ramps.

It provided a good introduction to software quality but much of the content was not new to me or anyone who follows the great work of Sebastian and I would love to see more about continuous delivery.

This was an interesting and very well presented talk.
I would also have liked to have heard more about dark launches and other deployment/delivery techniques.

The only other comment I would make would be that some of the text on the slides was very hard to read from nearer the back of the hall. Yes it only repeated what Sebastian was already saying but what's the point of putting text on the slides at all if only half your audience can read it.

Good overview. Nice to hear thewriter of awesome software.