Beyond Frameworks


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Informative good talk. Well presented.

A well presented talk, the topic of migrating a large application between frameworks possibly ahead of the curve? Few, if any in the audience seemed to face this problem yet. Would be interested to see Stuart return in two years time once Gradwell have completed their move to a component based architecture.

I really enjoyed Stuart's talk in '09, so I was really looking forward to this talk. Stuart speaks really well, his years of experience come through and his thorough and patient manner combined with an inclusive presenting style made it feel more like a classroom than a lecture hall - as though everyone in the room was learning - which was fantastic.

The talk resonated well with my own concerns about framework adoption, and I thought, presented both the problem, and the suggested solution in an easy-to-understand way. The content of the talk was not groundbreaking, but did suggest careful thought and planning in Gradwells engineering process. In its essence the talk is one anecdote about framework adoption and the life-cycle of a project adopting, embracing, living with and then migrating with/from them.

I would have liked it if Stuart had, rather than offering to speak himself to the managers of the audience, that he had taught us how better to sell this sort of idea ourselves. (not an issue I currently face).

Great job - and I look forward to a follow-up in 2013

I loved this talk. I have been an advocate for this style of development for years and it is really great to see that someone is using this commercially and such a grasp on why it is such a great solution. In short, brilliant!

Very good and agreeable point of view delivered in the first 10 minutes, but I felt that the rest of the presentation focussed too much on the structure of an application component. That doesn't detract though from interesting content and good delivery, of which I'd very much like to see a follow-up at a future conference.

An interesting talk. I would have preferred some actual code examples of how Stuart's system was implemented, and also felt that the use of 'components' to describe the system was a little ambiguous, but there were some good concepts put across in the talk, and especially for internal teams and those developing software products I believe it was a very useful talk.

To me it was definitely the most inspiring and interesting talk of the day (of those which I attended). Superb speaker

Stuart's talk had an interesting topic with a great delivery. I could definitely relate to the subject matter, as I have been building and maintaining applications for a while.

The idea of using packaged components for sharing logic is a very good one. The points raised where Stuart had looked through other languages and seen where they are getting it right showed good knowledge on the concept rather than using a blinkered language specific viewpoint. Then going on to show the ways we can achieve this in PHP kept it very relevant and useful.

I was a little frustrated during this talk, it wasn't what I had hoped for. I felt that it could have been better titled "Why frameworks suck, and we should re-invent PEAR".

I didn't really understand what part frameworks would continue to play in Gradwells new development structure.

But the talk certainly made me think very carefully about some of the things I see in my own projects, and why this causes problems.

Another well presented and interesting talk, following up well on his talk from a few years ago.
It's given me a lot to think about, including important things to consider when developing my own projects.

A well presented talk that offered a great solution to a problem that we are currently experiencing. This talk made me think about how I/we are currently working more than any other at the conference. I have began experimental implementation of Stuarts concept already.