Continuous Improvement in PHP Projects


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A good talk from a capable and knowledgeable speaker. Slight overlap with Sebastian's talk but I learnt a lot and am pleased to have attended. Thanks.

Cinder looked useful. Might make me reconsider moving off vim ... Perhaps.

I think I would have got more out of this talk if I had not attended Seb Bergmanns 'Agility and Quality' earlier in the day. Thorsten came across as knowledgable but nervous - gaining confidence as he moved on to talk about the software Mayflower has created for CI. That said, there wasn't much in this talk I could usefully take away.

Very interesting talk; I really enjoyed it, despite Thorsten seemed very nervous at the beginning!
Well done!

A useful talk that has inspired me to yet again look at our development/deployment practices at work to see what we can improve.