HTML5 And CSS3 Today


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Nice overview of api backend driven solution.

Great intro to new features and tags available in HTML5. Shame about the connection issues, but great video of developer feedback of IE deserved the round of applause. Now to find a copy online to show my colleagues who were in other talks...

Have to say I was very disappointed with this talk. As a primarily back-end developer, I was hoping to find out more about a technology I don't have a massive amount to do with.

What I got was an opening half-hour about Internet Explorer 9. It took 30 minutes to actually get onto the topic of the talk. Martin took every opportunity to namedrop as much about Microsoft as possible. He even shoe-horned in a mention fo Microsoft's new partners Nokia.


Once we did finally get onto the actual topic of the talk, it was ok, but nothing spectacular. I have been told since by other folk who were there that a number of espoused facts were presented in a skewed fashion or quite wrong.

Martin, if you want to gain credibility in these talks, please just stick to the topic of the talk. Don't try and throw in your employer's details. Don't go on about your favourite browser. Just stick to the topic, and do it well. You'll get a lot more respect from it.

Funny video, that's about it. Martins take on the w3c/ browser / developer relation was misleading. His explanation of modernizer was flaky and ( in my personal opinion) on the wrong road. and his thoughts on the idea that developers will be able to code one project for all devices is idealistic and outdated compared to the rest of the community.

When he spoke about the html5 tags it would have helped to put everything into context of html history but what he did say about it was a very basic overview of each new tag and not in context to the rest of html's & w3c's history.

Would suggest that people read up on Andy Clarke and other leading people such as Mark Pilgrim ( Who do this talk with alot more knowledge and passion. If anyone ever gets the chance to listen to @patrick_h_lauke talk on html5, he covers the same topics as what Martin did but with no browser agenda in sight.

Anonymous at 10:47 on 28 Feb 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk, it was exactly what I wanted - a basic overview of HTML5 so I know what to expect when I want to start using it and start researching it in depth.

The IE9 video was very salesy, though it was aimed at people who are generally fixed think IE hasn't changed since IE7.

Always good to see Microsoft taking the piss out of themselves and actually talking some sense. Shame about the internet problem though.

Good talk, pity about the tech glitches, informative and like the new stance where MS can laugh at themselves too. A bit more advanced would have been cool.