Large-Scale Data Processing with MapReduce and PHP


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I really enjoyed this talk. David gave good insight into the data processing problem some large players such as facebook, and yahoo face. He then went on to show how HADOOP can help overcome these problems and ended by doing a very brave live demo of a PHP toolkit he has developed to make it easier to do PHP map reduce with HADOOP.

Amusing and excellent speaker, as always. Shame the demo didn't work out!

This was the talk of the show for me. I had high hopes going in and was not disappointed.

Tech talks are usually a dry and occasionally dull...David's approach and humour puts the lie to that. Funny, knowledgable and well-paced. Live demos are always high-risk, and the technical hiccups broke up the flow a little, but worthwhile demos nonetheless.

Only being harsh here 'cause I know David fully kicks ass when he's properly prepared. The demo was cool, but it would have been nice to see if with a bit more polish so we could have explored some more of the advanced concepts. Always entertaining to watch though and well-informed on the subject so came away having learned some interesting things.

Always enjoy David's talks and this was no exception - in-development demos aside, the content was excellent, and his practical experience with hadoop and related technologies was really excellent to hear, with many useful asides during the talk.

Entertaining as always and covered the topic well. Shame about the demo, but all was not lost. Came away with some useful info.

Good talk, David was a great presenter and added humour into the talk rather than being quite dry. Good examples, even though the example went wrong! Overall good though.

This talk didn't hit the heights I know David can deliver. Problem for me was that I'd heard most of the jokes in his talk last year, and the chaotic live demo section was dull. I don't know why someone would turn up to speak in front of so many people without trying out the code first. A good talk, but it could have been much better. That said, I would definitely go to another of David's talks because of his presentation style, which is very engaging.

I only saw parts of David's talk -- as always he is indeed entertaining. However, "this is german and will probably last 100 years... if it was french, it would probably surrender" hurts, it is misinforming and needs correcting: Nazi code was meant to wipe things out, burn people and books... The french never surrendered to this, an illegal goverment of traitors did (ref. Anyway, David is a cool dude regardless of the silly remarks...

ps: I did find the command line debugging of the demo a bit boring (as my mum would actually).

David's talk for me was on an interesting topic and excellently presented for most of the talk. The knowledge on the subject matter any other related concepts menitoned was clearly evident.

The demo wasn't the best part but eventually did get the point across.

It was a real shame that as stated, there was a slight lack of preparation becuase I really get excited when David is due to speak. I will definitely attend future talks from David as his knowledge and presentation skills are first class.

The topic was good, and well covered. It was a bit of a shame the demos didn't quite work, and that showed that preparation was lacking a bit. I was also not too happy with some of the comments such as a "that's what she said" and some comments about somebody's mum; even though that person was heckling a little.

This was an interesting topic so I was glad it was presented well. A better prepared demo would have finished it off nicely but I appreciate the willingness to show us some cutting edge code.

Interesting topic, well presented.
First class presentation skills.