NoSQL Databases: What, When and Why


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Far too much depth on the "Base Concepts" and not enough on real use cases. Academically interesting, but not practically useful.

Good coverage on the different types of NoSQL. Why they exist, what problems they aim to solve.
How no single solution solves all problems.
Little too much at times, this came from his obvious passion on the subject.

Really interesting exploration of the dynamo and big table work, and how they have influenced the current crop of NOSQLs, and the strengths and weaknesses of each of the basic types and the systems that implment them.

I think that the talk could have benefited from some restructuring, to look at the dynamo inspired systems (voldemort etc.) when looking at dynamo, and perhaps use something like cassandra to move into discussing the bigtable structure. I also thought the graph section was a little slim, as this is an interesting area that the PHP community isn't using so much, but there was just so much information that it would have probably been more suited to a two hour tutorial than a 50 minute talk.

Lorenzo's knowledge on the subject was unquestionable, and his enthusiasm came across, which for me made this a very enjoyable talk.

An enjoyable talk but too much for me to take in at one go. I look forward to the slides/video so I can go over it again.

I enjoyed this talk, but felt it had too much depth for me. I came away with good knowledge, but some of the things mentioned were beyond my interest with the topic. I think this would have benefited from "Intermediate plus" if not "Advanced" in the title. However presented well and very interesting.

Great detail and knowledge from the speaker (as with all of his other talks I've seen). For me it would have been better if it was more Cassandra vs mongo vs blah blah. Etc.

Amazed at some of the other comments; but I guess this outlines the difficulty in talking on such a subject. Understanding the "base concepts" and "academic" details are _absolutely critical_ for anyone who has any serious interest in using any of these distributed systems in real life. Fair enough if you don't want to use these systems, but then you were probably at the wrong talk. Hint: use MySQL (it's amazing).

I found the talk really interesting. Some of the concepts covered I've heard explained many times before in a much poorer way. The comparison of the available systems was fantastically useful; gaining this much knowledge on the subject would take weeks of research. I'm going to go and check out the slides and read up on some of the references! Cheers.

I really enjoyed the talk because I always had the feeling that Lorenzo has a very big knowledge about NoSQL databases. The introduction was very theoretical but I liked it and it's really important to know this basic stuff to decide between relational databases or NoSQL solutions.

A very enlightening talk. Lorenzo explained the principles and subjectiveness of ACID then went on to detail the various types of nosql databases explaining the strengths and weaknesses of each type.

Nice talk. Theoretical intro is more than necessary if you want to take the problem seriously. I especially enjoyed the comparison between nosql DB and how each of them is tackling problems differently.
I've already bookmarked it. A must for anyone interested into a serious implementation / comparison with RDBMS DB and why they're still relevant.

So much theory! I liked that, but I had not expected it. I was expecting more of a through comparison between the different NoSQL databases. I know that MongoDB and CouchDB are quite different, but I have not the faintest clue on how, and what I should checkout to not fall into pitfalls with either of them. So I would focus a bit less on the theory, and a bit more on comparing the different NoSQL databases in more detail.

Great talk. I really appreciated the technical background, without which a serious comparison of the databases would be impossible.

As others have said the description of this talk did not match the content. I would have gained more practical knowledge from a simpler comparison but I value the opportunity to learn the fundamentals from such a knowledgeable speaker as Lorenzo.

I will certainly look back through the slides of this presentation to fill in the the gaps caused by my overloaded brain. It's good to see a topic given such deep analysis.

Worst talk of the day - terrible - boring, badly presented, too much detail, not useful. Didn't learn anything useful from it.

Yes - the topics covered were interesting, and I'm sure this guy knows his stuff - but it was irrelevant based on the subject of the talk. Overall, very poor.