Opening Keynote


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Good general development keynote, well delivered, amusing with some interesting points. Great quote "rich people don't understand computers and computer people don't understand money"

Nice intro, even despite the fact Marco was jetlagged :)

Not bad, nice message and relaxed delivery. However, needed a faster pace for a morning keynote, I need something that energises me and sets up the rest of the day.

Liked the topic. Good mixture message / humour.

Nice intro, good to have the starting talk be about user experience as it can be forgotten but what would any application be without it's users? Could have had a bit more energy though doubt I'd have done as well with jetlag

Good keynote. Really good topic.

Good topic to start the day, enthusiastic delivery - great considering the self-confessed jetlag!

Good topic well delivered.

Good talk, holding the audience. Particularly liked the anecdote "Press next to continue" (the "Next" button not the word "next" in the instruction).

Thought this was a good talk to start the conference off. Covered topics I'm personally interested in and was not too specific that it should fail to address the majority of the room. Presented well!

Good. Useful talk to remind us users aren't necessarily (!!) idiots.

I loved the talk, never forget the final user - something not so obvious as we might think

I found Marco's talk to be a bit slow-to-the-point, and lacking energy. I know he was terribly jet-lagged, and I wasn't expecting a song and dance routine - but I felt it didn't leave me inspired.

Content wise, Marco is bang-on: Its rarely a 'stupid user' problem, and developers shouldn't be thinking of themselves as users of the system they are building. His points about how the 'magic' of Disneyland can be applied to software development are valid and interesting.

I think that more anecdote and story-telling would have shown more of Marco's personality.

I'm in total agreement with @marcgear. The keynote hit the right notes in places (when Marco was telling anecdotes), but lacked some energy and possibly tried to hard to force home the point. I could have listened to 30 mins on Disney though!

Great stories and topic Marco's delivery was clear and easy to follow. It got a little dry in areas, but I assume the jet lag didn't help it. A little more vocal character and inspiration ( aka sleep) would probably make it top class.

I loved it. Got me to think about my users!

I didn't find the topic that special and it was just one point that was proven. The lack of ambition in the talk was compensated by the style that Marco brings.

He's an experienced speaker who knows what he's doing. Even a less interesting topic is presented beautifully. The examples about his investor and his mom were brilliant, though !

Although I only give this talk a 3-star rating, I still look very much forward to future talks Marco will present.

I enjoyed the style of this talk, it was a nice way to ease into the day. The message was an important one and the examples were good. I would have appreciated more depth to the talk and a quicker pace.

Well done; I liked it! (Not really much else to say :-) ).