Optimising a Zend Framework Application


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Great Talk!

Really enjoyed this one, thanks!

And once again, I learned a lot from this talk. Rob does not disappoint, that's why I always attend his talks.

Interesting to see that you can gain performance by just removing pieces of code in the ZF codebase. I will try that out.

Most notable quote: only perform these optimizations if you can MEASURE the performance gain. If it doesn't have a great impact, don't bother.

Thanks for the valuable lesson, Rob.

Anonymous at 10:41 on 28 Feb 2011

Very good to hear suggestions form someone who has put the effort into researching optimizing, and to get an idea of how effective different methods are. Most interesting was the idea of hacking the ZF source itself.

I love this talk. Some good tips and tricks to optimize ZF. If you lost the talk, you must take a look to the slides ;) !

I found the talk too general and not really relating too much to ZF. The biggest points by far was just to install and implement a good caching system which applies to any application of framework. There were some good code snippets but on the whole it was not nearly specific to ZF enough.

Didn't attend the conference, so didn't see the talk. ;-(

But love the slides. Some excellent links to usable resources and some very useful ZF-specific ideas.

Thanks, Rob, for this and for all you do for the ZF community. Someday I'll actually attend one of your talks. ;-)

Just watched the talk on vimeo (http://vimeo.com/21146993).

Great talk, easily understandable (important for me, as I'm not a native English speaker), with a very good flow - not fast, not slow, just the perfect pace.

The topic itself is great, loved the tips on the application config, the custom Zend_View and the Zend_Loader::loadFile method.

Thanks for the talk Rob and also to the PHPUK for making the videos available!

This was really informative!
I only just watched it on video.

Found it especially helpful on the stuff regarding view helpers as we are using them all over the place at work.

Nice one, Rob. :) Looking forward to ZF2 in Action!