PHP in a Mobile Ecosystem


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I wasn't enthused, and it didn't really seen to touch on PHP much.

Interesting, but perhaps not as much php content as I'd hoped

Knowing nothing about development for mobile devices it gave me a good overview and got me interested in looking further. Well delivered. Shame PHP is not really a mobile/phone language but backend.

We've already done some iOS / android app dev so a large part of the talk wasn't new to me - however it did confirm some of our own findings. I did like the zf views / views-mobile example.

Very good talk

Enjoyed the talk covering lots of the considerations for building for mobile. Very dense and wide catchment on the various areas, but I felt as the net was too wide. For the material covered, I would think you could talk about it for at least another hour!
I expected much of it wasnt specifically php but at the same time maybe it would have been better to cover more of the various directions people have pushed php in this mobile context?