Running on Amazon EC2


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Knowledgeable guy, obviously deployed to this platform a lot. Nice set of practical examples showing where the problems are too, so not just a sales pitch which talks like this sometimes turn into.

Delivery could have been a bit more lively, I had to put some effort into paying attention rather than being grabbed - but it was stuff I've been meaning to look at. Again, another set of slides I'll definitely be going back to for reference.

Good overview of EC2 services, but the balance was a bit too much on what you can do, and less on how. Could have used more on tools.

Covered all the topics that needed covering. Explained how it would best be used. Best approaches to deploying to EC2. Explained problems and when not to use.

I'd hoped it would cover the ec2 sdk and so on. It did come across a lot like a marketing talk from amazon unfortunately.

Very good and useful talk