The InnoDB Storage Engine for MySQL


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Fantasic talk.
Well executed.
Good depth of complexity.

Superb talk - great level of content and brilliant delivery from Morgan Tocker. Given me a much better understanding of why the choice of InnoDB and setup in our application.

Very much liked how Morgan got straight into the real technical guts of how InnoDB worked. Treated everyone listening as though they were equals and respected that they were technically capable. A highly technical talk for a technical audience - we need more talks like this.

I wanted a technical talk, I got one! Morgen convinced me to see his talk and I wasn't disappointed.

I learned so much, but the timing was limited. Dear conference organizers: please invite Morgan for a 3 to 6 hour workshop about advanced MySQL. Thank you !

I agree with Thijs, I wish conferences had more advanced technical talks like this one. The presentation was excellent, and offered a very accessible introduction to InnoDB internals, its storage, caching and logging techniques. I especially appreciated the explanation on how InnoDB implements MVCC.

Great talk. Morgan clearly knows this stuff inside and out.

Loved the talk, top pick of the conference for me. Speaks with passion and knows MySQL really well.