ZeroMQ is the Answer


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Good speaker - 0MQ looks powerful & flexible.

Amazingly informative introduction to an equally amazing tool.

Brilliant. Ian always delivers a great talk. Good introduction to 0MQ, covered some basic principles of distributed systems, and brought it altogether with clear examples in PHP. If you are having problems scaling your enterprise applications, the areas covered by this talk are going to useful to you. One of the best talks I've been to in a long time.

Amazing technology well presented with infectious enthusiasm maybe for me a little too much content crammed in coding examples were good.

Z0MG, very cool stuff. I like it when a talk just jumps straight into code and demos. Ian kept the examples very concise and easy to follow. Quickly demonstrated some of the key patterns and possibilities with 0MQ. Made me consider quite a few things about writing applications and going back to a much more Unix-like style of chaining lots of little components together.

Well presented, Ian was enthusiastic and it made the code presentation interesting. The look of the slides was cool too, bit of a 1970's Open University vibe in places - but still clean and modern. Will definitely be going back to the presentation and code as a reference.

Amazing talk with loads of info. Very cool stuff.

A really valuable talk both for Ian's superbly personable and readily relatable style and for the breadth and depth of the subject knowledge. It has inspired me to integrate 0MQ into an existing project.

Great talk, Andrei's and your talk were the best of the day for me. The right balance of high level overview and more detailed technical implementation, especially considering the time constrains. Very interesting topic.

great talk on an interesting subject.

lots of code and live examples, great talk

Top notch talk from Ian Barber, whose depth and range of knowledge is outstanding. Great balance between introduction of 0MQ and the level of technical detail, and wonderful to see example running code demonstrated on the fly.

I was meaning to look at ZeroMQ anyway, but luckily Ian did such a brilliant job that I can probably jump right in and implement the stuff I need. The pacing of the talk was good, as well as the examples, and Ian had good answers to the questions people asked afterwards.

Really enjoyed this talk. Great topic and delivered well with top level overviews and practical examples. The only negative was that I couldn't see the bottom half of the screen, which was no fault of the speaker. Will sit closer next time.

Advanced, understandable, good pace and code on github - Amazing!

Really good talk, very good technical examples and good live demos

I really enjoyed Ian's talk and think it was a solid introduction to the ZeroMQ tech. I thought there were a few too many code examples to take in; towards the end I wasn't concentrating on the code at all. The presentation technique was excellent.

I always enjoy Ian's talks. He has a very casual, effortless style because he talks about subjects that he knows really well - and thats obvious from the first slide.

The talk covered huge amounts of information about the subject - but progressed through it from the basics - to much more advanced messaging architectures in a way that was easy to understand. The content of the talks was such that anyone who had no experience of message queueing could attend, but still come away able to have a first crack at implementation.

I would have liked it if the talk had gone over some some of the reasons why you might _need_ 0mq, rather than just wanting to find a way to use it, and I'm very glad that the code from the talk is available on github (maybe mention that earlier in the talk?) because I found it whizzed by quite quickly.

Best talk of the day! I refused to inform myself about the topic because I wanted Ian to do his thing and educate me on the topic.

He that an awesome job. Not only did I learn what ZeroMQ does, it was brought with the relaxed, confident and yet academic style that typifies Ian.

I will definitely look into ZeroMQ for future projects.

I really enjoyed Ian's talk. All the elements were there for me; an interesting topic, clear and well-spoken presenting, live examples, and a perfect balance between the higher level theory and the actual ZeroMQ code.

Ian's ability and knowledge on the subject matter and related concepts was clearly visible.

Awesome presentation as always, people should *never* miss a presentation by Ian.

I've just started using ZeroMQ and this talk was a great overview of what can be achieved with this fantastic library. The pace, the delivery and the examples (including the live demo) were all perfect.

If I really must nit-pick, I'd skip a couple of code examples at the end (they're too long to be digested in a few seconds anyway) and provide a few more concrete use-cases for the most advanced configurations, like the use of devices. I will certainly check Mongrel too, it looks really nice.

Thanks Prof!

I liked this talk. It covered so much however that I'll have to check the slides again :-)

Very inspiring! Ian's presentation style was clear and held my attention. The content was very well structured and pitched at the right level for me. The talk left me eager to learn more and with the confidence to dive straight in.

Superb talk! Couldn't be better.

While I did not attend the conference, I must say, from the video, this presentation was excellent. Learning more about ZeroMQ has been on my todo list for months as I've played with it a little bit; however, I needed this presentation to bring home a few of the messaging patterns outlined.

The code examples are much appreciated and very useful when watching this presentation after-the-fact.

Well done.