Challenges at scale: extreme data and platforms at eBay


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Good talk. However fix colours of ur slides, story two needs diagrams and probably there would be more interest if u talked about ebay architecture rather than Thanks for some nice thoughts on search.

Good talk, good content. Blew my head away looking at the images of the DC. Nice insight into the ranking system and the workings and scale of eBay.

One of the best talks of the conference in my view. Engaging and accessible with some mind blowing statistics.

Good talk, inspiring and well paced.

Interesting to hear about the future blending of online and offline commerce and how a large company like ebay is thinking about it. Most are about "hammers", as Rasmus put it, so nice change.
That picture of the server room for cassini was amazing.

Good talk, some great stats in there (mind blowing).

Anonymous at 10:58 on 27 Feb 2012

Amazing to hear how the big boys are doing it

Anonymous at 20:51 on 4 Mar 2012

Very nice talk.

I haven't found the slides anywhere though.
Does anyone know where they can be found?