Distribute the workload


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Another great talk from Helgi. Very interesting points, informative backed up with working examples. Only wish there was more time for the full talk.

Really good talk. Shame it run out of time, would have liked to have heard more.

Anonymous at 23:04 on 24 Feb 2012

It ran over but I could listen to Helhi talk all day. Also, awesome Scandinavian / Northern Irish accent.

One of the better talks I attended, confident speaker. Useful information on decoupling applications to help scale them. Definitely going to investigate Gearman and Supervisord. The former was mentioned in multiple talks during the conference.

Good speaker, fun, elaborative and confident. Pure logical thinking and explanation of basic approach to distributed systems with a twist.

Long list of technologies, what they are used for and when to use them. Presenter was excellent - very relaxed and answered questions well.

Anonymous at 21:42 on 6 Mar 2012

Load Balancers, Queues etc are not a new subject and although for someone new to the idea, they are a fantastic solution, there wasn't any important detail. For example, queues are all well and good but what happens if part of a job fails and how do you keep track of tasks? Futhermore, when discussing server elasticity and scaling, Helgi was unable to provide any ways of implementing this yourself and was unaware of the many services that can help.
In addition, the idea of suggesting "Internal Storage API" construction for easy storage switching seems a bit over the top when this can be achieved by implementing storage interface classes (and dependancy injection of course) for easy swapability of storage methods (that is what they are for!).
Very confident speaker and clear slides, but perhaps too much of a plug for what his company is doing (and partnering companies) and not enough research into the topics.